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Push Knives

There are many knives on the market today. From butcher knives to Swiss army, the range is extravagantly large. From custom tactile knives to M Tech Knives, knowing about the advantages of each type of knife can be difficult. However, one of the most storied sets of knives, Push Knives, has a storied past and a potentially criminal future.

The origin of Push Knives, also known as push daggers, were originally thought to be developed in India many centuries ago. Push Knives use a t-shaped handle for gripping, where the fingers of an individual controlling the blade are wrapped around and near the blade. This allows push knives to be plunged into individuals quickly and with much leverage for supreme puncturing power.  Unlike an out of the front knife which use a sliding track to expose their blades, push knives are perpetually exposed and do not need a track to be brought out. Much like a kitchen knife, for example, there is never a direct protective covering on push knives unless it is placed there by the user or owner.

Started in popular usage in the United States during the 1800’s, push knives were carried by both men and women as a way of protecting themselves. Often, politicians would take their push knives into the public offices as a way to protect themselves in a crowded or potentially contentious area. They were also carried by women and men going into crowded areas where conflict was a very good possibility of occurrence. It was a means of protection in the growing urban areas. Often, it was hidden in a boot, especially when entering into crowded areas.

Push knives became a necessity during World War I and World War II. Trench warfare meant that close connective fighting could develop and individuals who would come face to face with their attackers needed to have a weapon that could be utilized quickly and accurately. Push knives were developed as guns were at a shortage and this allowed individuals a tool for hand to hand combat while in the difficult and tough conditions.

Push knives today are not as often seen or used. They are actually illegal in many states across the United States. The long blade and puncturing power of push knives has classified it as a banned piece of weaponry in many areas of the country.  There was a resurgence of the weapon utilized in World War’s I & II, during the 1980’s. These push knives were all about style and self-defense weaponry. Today, as aforementioned, many cities, states, and localities have criminalized the purchase, sale, or distribution of push daggers or push knives as a way to protect public safety.

Push knives may still be available for viewing or even purchase on the internet. To understand whether or not it is legal in your locality, go online to find a wealth of important push knife resources. If they are legal, you could wind up purchasing not only a piece of unique weaponry, but also a piece of history.